Staying Organised With a Profit Accumulator Spreadsheet

A few weeks into being a member of the Profit Accumulator Platinum Membership, you should have spent several hours on matched betting, watched plenty training videos and put a lot of effort into making some money.

If like me, you work full time and do matched betting in your lunch break or in your evenings, you’re a little restricted to time, often a bit rushed and maybe a little disorganised. Profit Accumulator trains their members to keep track of their matched betting activity with either a spreadsheet or a pen and paper. They’re not daft, they know what they’re talking about. If you want to consistently keep track of your free bets, offers completed and bookmaker details then you need a proper spreadsheet or some tools to track everything.

Many members in the discussion forum will tell you to use pen and paper. They’re half right – it’s a quick and easy method to let go of your mouse and scribble something into a notebook. You don’t have to worry about not saving your work or breaking the spreadsheet.

The issue with using a notebook and pencil comes when you need to jot something down at work and realise you left it at home. What if you spill a drink on it? Lose it? Your dog…. Yeah, you see my point.

Whilst using a spreadsheet might seem like a massive pain in the backside, it really isn’t. You might be thinking that it means saving it and carrying it around on a memory stick (pen drive round your neck anyone?!). Those days are gone, however, as we now have clouds!

I’m going to assume you all have a Google account. A google account gives you access to all their services like Gmail, Youtube and more important Google Drive and Google Docs. We’re going to use Google Docs, specifically Google Sheets to track our matched betting.

The beauty of Google Sheets is that you can access the spreadsheet from any phone, tablet or laptop in the world. It automatically saves, so you never need to worry about power cuts or forgetting to press File > Save like when you were back in school! Google Sheets can be accessed through the app on your iPhone, android phone or another smartphone.

I use Google Sheets to track my Profit Accumulator activity.

I track everything from my account details to my ongoing profits, and I’m going to show you how.

The first sheet I see in Google Docs is my ‘Accounts’ page.

It lists my exchange accounts and all my bookmaker accounts. I have a column stating when I registered, the email I used, the username and the password. If you’re feeling ultra secure, don’t jot down the password. Use a password manager like LastPass or Dashlane.

I then have several handy columns to track the following :

Current balance. Pretty simple, if I’ve got £100 in a bookmaker account I list it here. There’s nothing worse than wondering where your money is, logging into every account with a hangover and getting worried/dazed as to what exactly you were doing the previous day.

Current bets in progress. You could track either the number of bets here or the amount you’ve spent on those bets. I track my current expenditure – so if I’ve got two £50 accumulators that are not yet settled then I list £100 here.

Free bets unused. Again, quite simple. I list the monetary value of the unused free bets on my account. For some of you matched bettors with VIP memberships at certain bookmakers, you can have over £250 in free bets sitting in your account at any one time. It certainly helps to jot down unused free bets on the quiet days, then when football is back at the weekend you just have to have a quick scan and see which bookie you can go rinse with a free bet!

Pending withdrawals. This one became a life saver with the bookies that take forever to process your withdrawals. I hated thinking I’d lost money – this allowed me to spot a slow bookie and sometimes nag them on the live chat to see what was going on.

I track Betfair and Smarkets slightly differently. I list the balance, my current liability and potential profit.

Tracking the above allows me to log in to Google Sheets and see where my current £1670 matched betting bankroll is currently residing.

I tally up all the bookmaker balances, current bets, current liability and potential profit. I also tally up the current free bets that are unused and display a figure that represents 75% of that amount.

This allows me to glance at the spreadsheet at any time of the day and see exactly where my money is, what balance I SHOULD have once all the bets/lays have settled, and the potential profit I have waiting in free bets.

Sometimes I’ll go on holiday for a week and not do any matched betting. A few Coronas too many on holiday can leave me a little tired in the eyes and a bit rusty. One check of the spreadsheet and I’m quickly up to speed. I can spot any quick wins, I can see who I’m waiting on a withdrawal and I can see where my exchange balance is split between Smarkets and Betfair.

Another Sheet For Daily Activity

We’re not done yet.

I then have another sheet. A little more simple this time. I add the date into one column, the bookmaker into another, whether it’s a qualifying bet or a free bet, and the description of the offer in another. I then write whether I made a loss or a profit.

It usually goes something like :

16/10/2016 BetVictor Free bet £5 Premier League, Man Utd Win v Stoke +2.78

I then tally up at the end of each day, the end of each week (Monday to Sunday), then the end of each calendar month. Colour code certain weeks if it’s a big sporting event like the Euro’s or a big Horse Racing festival like Cheltenham. It’ll allow you to look back in a few months time and cherry pick exactly how much profit you made.

I’ll be updating this in time as I think or more neat tips and tricks.

Click the link below to open it and have a look at how I use my spreadsheet.

Want to use it?

Open it, then click File > Make a Copy.

It’ll save it to your google drive. You can access it anytime once you’ve copied it, just type ‘Google Sheets’ into Google and login. Or if you’re always logged in, type ‘’ into your address bar and hit enter. It’ll take you straight to your list of spreadsheets then you just need to click it.

Keeping It Updated

If you use a pen and paper system, perhaps transfer some details to the sheet at the end of the day.

Keep an on your bank account and update your ‘pending withdrawal’ section on the overview sheet once you get your money from the bookies.
Leave me a comment with your Profit Accumulator Spreadsheet techniques for tracking matched betting profits.


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