Football INDEX: beginner’s guide to the football stock market

LAST UPDATED 15th September, 2017

Football Index is a football stock market that allows players to trade and make money by predicting the future success of players.

Football Index is new and intriguing but can also be a bit daunting, so we’ve got you covered if you’re a bit confused.

The stock market is about buying and selling shares based on the performance of the company. However, what if you could take the moneymaking opportunities of the stock market and apply them to the nation’s favourite sport of football?

Well, it’s just happened with the Football INDEX. This is a brand new opportunity to buy and sell players based on how they perform on the pitch.

August 2017: Football Index are offering £500 risk-free to new customers.

How Football Index works

It works just like a real stock market. Purchase the players you think are stars in the making and sell the best when they have just come off a four-goal demolition. It’s your chance to become a very rich football fan in an extremely short space of time.

There are two ways player values increase – 1. Based on demand – the more traders trying to buy a given player, the higher his value. 2 By earning dividends by owning players who top the Buzz Chart. The Buzz Chart is determined by how much a player is been talked about in the media and – from August 2017 – how he performs on the pitch.

Let’s take an in-depth look at how Football INDEX works.

Sign Up for an Account

First, you have to sign up for an account. You will find that it works just like any online betting site. Enter all your details and make your first deposit. There are special offers available for new customers, so you could double your portfolio value instantly.

The minimum deposit is £10.

Once you have signed up for an account it’s time to get down to the business of fleshing out your portfolio.

Buying Your First Player

Every player has a value. The Footie Index is made up of 200 players (known as The First Team). The remaining players are known as “The Squad”. Every week two players are promoted to The First team, based on traders’ votes. The two players in the First Team with the lowest values are replaced.

Each player has a share price. Let’s say you want to buy a share in Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi. His current market price could be £100 per share. This means you would have to spend a minimum of £100 to get a piece of what many consider the best player in the world.

On the other hand, you may want to pick up, for example, Leicester striker Jamie Vardy for a much lower price of £15 per share. It’s up to you how many shares you buy and how much you want to spread your risk.

You may have to wait for someone to be selling their shares in the player before the transaction is made, but with most well-known players the trade happens immediately.

The market opens at 6am GMT and closes at midnight every day.

How is the Market Value Calculated?

There are a number of ways the market value is calculated. If you have ever dabbled in the stock market, you will discover that many of the principles are the same.

Trading Activity

The trading activity will always influence the share price. If a large number of shares in a player are sold, the price is going to go down, for example. This is the simple principle of supply and demand. When demand is high but supply is low, the price is only going to go one way.

Rumours and News – The Football Index Buzz

The news surrounding a player can affect the share price. Remember that stocks and shares are often valued on speculation and rumour – this is reflected on Football Index by The Buzz.

The Buzz looks at 25 UK football news feeds and the most-talked about player will be top of the Buzz. The winner of the buzz each day earns a 0.05 dividend payout, pad between midnight at 1.30am each day.

The news feeds factored in are: Talksport, UEFA, The FA, ESPN, FIFA, Football League, Daily Mail, Daily Star, The Times, Telegraph, Independent, Daily Express, The Guardian, Metro, Daily Mirror, BBC Sport, Football365,, Huffington Post and Sky Sports.

This is why it pays to keep up to date with your football news and rumours.

Performance Buzz

From August 2017, Football Index added Performance Buzz, meaning player futures value would also be determined by how players did on the pitch, using data provided by Opta.

Football Index scoring matrix


Football index scoring matrix chart

Always a Reason to Play

There is always a reason to check out your portfolio. Unlike conventional sports betting, the action does not stop after the final whistle. You still have a reason to check on your portfolio when you get up on a morning. Whether it’s a rumour of an injury or a transfer, the market is always changing.

Unbelievably, you can make a significant amount of money when your players aren’t even playing. That’s how the Football INDEX is exactly like the real financial markets.

Football INDEX is growing in popularity all the time, so getting in early could increase your chances of making a good profit.

Getting Paid

Of course, this is a virtual game. You don’t actually own Wayne Rooney and you can’t get a piece of his image rights. The shares only exist on the index. Converting these shares to real money couldn’t be easier.

  1. Deposit money from your bank account.
  2. Use this money to buy virtual player shares.
  3. Sell the shares when you like and the proceeds are deposited into your online wallet.

All you have to do is withdraw the money from your online wallet to your bank account. It’s that easy!

Spreading Your Risk

Unlike spread betting sites such as Sporting Index, you can never lose more than your original stake. ‘Futures’ are valid for three years or for the lifetime of the player’s status on the first-team list.

There are varieties of strategies you can employ to spread your risk or go for glory. For most players, they don’t want to risk it all on a small chance, so they spread their risk. The Football INDEX makes it easy to minimise your risk and maximise your chances of taking home a major jackpot.

We recommend beginners employ a conservative strategy so they can learn the ropes. An example of this strategy would include the following:

  • 50% of your portfolio is dedicated to a consistent player with a relatively stable rating. You won’t make much money from these players, but you also won’t lose much.
  • 30% of your portfolio is set against middling players. These players are relatively consistent, but are known to have occasional upturns or downturns in rating/share price. This is where you will make most of your money day in and day out.
  • 20% of your portfolio is risked on the players who may or may not come back. The potential for big returns is huge.

This strategy provides a stable base for you to learn the game and get better. On the other hand, you have a chance to make some good money. Of course, everyone has a different strategy that is right for them. It depends entirely on how much risk you wish to take on.

Play Today!

The Football INDEX is the first of its kind. It’s a revolution in sports betting. Traders play based on what they know, rather than dumb luck. Turn trader today and make a huge amount of cash in a short space of time, and all whilst enjoying the game you love.

Get started today!