How Do The Sign-Up Offers Work In Profit Accumulator?

When learning to do the process of matched betting, you’ll begin your journey by registering with bookmakers from the UK and turning those welcome offers and free bets into cold hard cash. Whether you join Profit Accumulator as a free trialist or as a Platinum member, you’ll be required to open accounts with the bookmakers that have the less complex sign-up offers.   

We refer to the completion of these ‘new account offers’ as ‘sign-up offers’. This is what they’re called within the Profit Accumulator training and on the forum. The majority of these offers will be quite lucrative, pocketing you anything from £15 to £160 a time. For example, when I joined Paddy Power in April 2015 they had a crazy deal on offer. New customers were given three £50 free bets, just from depositing and betting £50. £150 on free bets meant around £120 of profit for me – and the best thing was that it only took around twenty minutes to join, deposit, use the auto matcher to find a bet, place it and then withdraw my winnings. I’d gained a little experience by that point, but still, even if you’re a complete beginner you can see how quickly and easy it is to make money.

People often talk about how matched betting is risk-free. They’re right, but it still requires a little due-diligence. Odds can change, PCs can crash, WiFi can disconnect and various other problems can get in your way. With the sign-up offers, this isn’t much of an issue, though, as you can use a sign-up offer on a match that’s seven days away if it suits you to wait a week. This means that any technical or human errors have got a week to be rectified.

They Don’t Change Much

These sign-up offers are pretty static – meaning they don’t change on a weekly basis like some of the reload offers do. The two bookmakers within the free trial have had the same sign-up offer since I joined in February 2015. Whilst this might not mean much to you, once you’ve joined it will. It means that the training videos and every question and answer in the forum threads remain current and applicable for everyone that registers and partakes in it. Anyone that signs up to Profit Accumulator will have the peace of mind that they’re doing exactly what needs to be done, as any matched betting methods have been tried and tested repeatedly by thousands of other people.

Some bookmakers change their sign-up offers a little more regularly. Sometimes it’s because they have a new TV advert out or a new marketing campaign that means they’re pushing hard for new customers. In a country that’s big for betting, the UK bookies have massive competition from each other to gain new customers – so changing their free bets to grab the punter’s attention is sometimes a requirement.

It’s not a problem for us matched bettors though. If the terms and conditions of the offer remain the same, then the principles of the offer don’t change – just the amount that you need to bet. In fact, it suits us nicely if they change their sign-up offer and give out more money. It lines our pockets even more!

New Offers Always Added

New bookmakers are often cropping up each month. Several bookmakers offering a good sign-up offers are Asian bookies that have acquired a UK sports betting license. There’s also the likes of Sun Bets and other big brands in the UK that launch a sports betting site to ride off the back of their existing brand. These all get vetted by the Profit Accumulator in-house team to ensure they’re trustworthy and profitable. Their instructions get carefully written and added to the site and forum, allowing people who’ve been Platinum members for years to grab a little extra cash, despite having already completed all their existing sign-up offers on the site.

The sign-up offers aren’t just limited to the sports free bets, though. There’s a whole library of other offers to sink your teeth into. Once finished with the advanced sign-up offers, you should have collected quite a pool of money from all those free bets. Make sure you’re tracking them in your spreadsheet then you know how much profit you’ve made since becoming a member.

When You’ve Done All The Sports Offers

The next stage of sign-up offers begins with the risk-free casino offers. I can’t tell you much about these, as the methods are only available to Platinum members. They involve signing up to the casinos that give you a no-deposit bonus and free spins and using special strategies to make some money and cash out. It’s not 100% guaranteed money, but with a little time and luck, you can strike gold. Several members have gone on to hit jackpots and take home thousands from some casinos – and it didn’t even cost them a penny to register and play in the first place!


The final stage of sign-up offers means joining and working your way through the list of 40+ bingo sites. These are pretty fun to do, very lucrative (they were nice and profitable for me) and simple to get the hang of. The only drawback to the bingo sign-up offers is that they take a while to process withdrawals. The bingo companies are vigilant at verifying identities of their customers and nearly always ask you to upload a photo of your ID and proof of address. It’s not too much hassle and you’ll likely be used to doing it for a bookmaker anyway.


Once complete with the sign-up offers, it’s time to begin the reload offers. These are completely different and revolve around events and games that are set to get big TV and betting audiences. I advise that you put aside the majority of your profits from the sign-up offers, as the bigger your matched betting balance, the quicker you can get cracking on the horse racing, accumulator and football refund reload offers. These are the daily, lucrative offers that can provide a secondary income from matched betting each month.

Where To Start

Whilst you might be overwhelmed when joining Profit Accumulator, there’s no need to be. All the sign-up offers include written instructions, a dedicated forum thread for questions/answers, and support from staff. Plenty of them have a video tutorial too, so you can see the gurus walking you through it on their screen, step-by-step. It’s time you got signed up as a free trial member of Profit Accumulator, complete your first two sign-up offers and get a taste for the matched betting lifestyle. You should bank £25 – £35 from these first two welcome deals – so I advise you re-invest that into a Profit Accumulator membership and make some more! As always, comment below with any questions and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.