Profit Accumulator Reload Offers

One of the most frequently asked questions on my review of Profit Accumulator is usually ‘how much money do I need to start?’, or ‘If I start with £100 how much will I make in the first month’. Whilst these questions are both relevant and important, they both don’t have much of an impact on your long-term profits. This page explains the concept of ‘reload offers’, and how reload offers will become the bread and butter of your Profit Accumulator income by turning bookmaker ongoing promotions into free bets and in turn some nice matched betting profit.

Once registered with Profit Accumulator, you begin your matched betting journey by learning the concepts, process, techniques and applying them to the beginner sign-up offers, the most advanced offers, and then onto the bingo/casino offers. Once completed, if you’ve done each offer and returned a reasonable amount of profit, you should be sitting on anything between £700 and £3000 depending on your luck with certain casino and bingo offers.

Don’t Go Spending All Your New Found Riches

Whilst it may be tempting to blow the lot on a holiday, pay off some debt, reduce your mortgage, buy the children some Christmas gifts, or buy some sort of materialistic treat for yourself, try and retain the majority of this money.

It might seem strange that you’ve spent all these hours making money from matched betting, learning the techniques, and paying for Profit Accumulator to then not treat yourself to something rewarding. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t treat yourself or put some money aside to pay for your wedding, but you should be aware that spending all your profit now will limit your ability to earn matched betting profits in the future. I will discuss the different types of reload offers on this page and you’ll begin to see how having a ‘bankroll’, matched betting ‘float’, or basically having a betting balance will skyrocket your monthly profits.

What Exactly Are Reload Offers?

The purpose of ‘reload’ offers is to consistently earn a regular income from matched betting. There’s no reason why the money you make from matched betting should be limited to the process of joining the bookmakers. With so many bookies in operation in the UK and such a big sports betting audience, it makes it essential that bookmakers regularly offer enhancements, offers, promotions and free bets to their existing customers. This allows us to earn anything from £15 to £100+ a day from all the bookies that we’ve already registered with.

With so many bookmaker accounts to pick from, on a day/week/month with a big sporting event, we’re almost overwhelmed with offers to make money from. Such occasions are usually the annual Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival, The Grand National, The World Cup, The Euros, major Golf and Tennis Tournaments, the Champions League later stages, and most Premier League football weekends. Yes, there are sadly some quiet days with very little action – but the weekends and the juicy sports events more than make up for it.

Sports Offers

Daily reload offers generally revolve around horse racing and football refunds. Some bookmakers give out a refund if a game finishes 0-0, when certain players score, or various other events. There’s plenty bookmakers that do this, so that gives us plenty chance to nail in some free bets by covering all the outcomes. As for horse racing, certain races each day have offers attached to them. Bookmakers might give out free bets if your horse finishes second or third. This allows us to back several horses and hope they come second/third in order to make some easy money. This is where match catcher comes in, as it picks out the best horses with the best odds for you.

Casino & Slots Offers

Sports betting isn’t the only area to benefit us, with the bookmakers giving out free bets, refunds, and free spins on their games/arcades/casino sections too. These are particularly useful for the midweek days when things might be a little quiet on the sports front. The casino offers are usually grouped into two categories – risk-free and not risk-free (but carry positive value).

A risk-free casino offer would be something where a casino gives out something for free, and any winnings you make you get to keep, once you’ve satisfied any requirements that they might have. These are the best offers, as they’re often fun to do and you can occasionally hit gold and win a small fortune. There’re Profit Accumulator members that have made over £10,000 taking part in these reload offers.

The casino/games offers that aren’t risk-free are only listed if they are worthwhile. Members can give them a star rating out of five, so you can quickly identify if it’s worthwhile or not. By ‘worthwhile’, I mean they provide profits when done over a prolonged period of time.

For example, a casino might give you £5 free for a game, providing you spend £10 in the first place. In theory, you could spend that £10, lose it, then be given the free £5. You’d be £5 down. This might seem pointless, but each casino game has an RTP (return to player) value – which is often around 95%. The law of averages state that over a prolonged period of time, a player will only win 95% of what he places – so if you spend £10 on a slots game, you should walk away with £9.50, on average. By also handing us the free £5 for taking part, the expected value is positive – so assuming we’ve not been cursed we will generally walk away in profit after several attempts of these types of offers.

The Benefits Of Being a Member

Profit Accumulator finds all these offers for you, analyses the terms and conditions and provides advice on how to tackle these offers. This is one of the massive benefits of being a member, as there’s over 100 bookmakers, vegas, casino, slots and arcade sites online – the amount of time you’d spend checking them each day would be unproductive. You also have the benefit of the other members of the reloads forum that test these offers to death, offering valuable feedback on how profitable it might be. Heading to a casino to do an offer knowing that someone else just won £100 on is helpful if you were considering giving it a miss.

These reload offers are great for tracking on your spreadsheet for Profit Accumulator. You can highlight different offer types or track profits for certain offers separately. That way, when you analyse how things went at the end of the month you can see which offers are the most lucrative and which you spend too much time on for too little returns.

This might all seem a bit overwhelming, but don’t worry – all this is learned in time. Nothing is thrown at you too soon. I recommend you join the free trial membership and make some money from the first two bookies. If you enjoy how quick it is, join and carry on. You’ll never look back, and these refunds could shape your life for the better with the additional Profit Accumulator income.