Introduction To Matched Betting

Matched betting is the process of turning a bookmaker offer into risk-free cash that can be withdrawn to your bank account.

Bookmakers entice punters into registering and placing bets with them by running special offers such as ‘register and get a £50 free bet’. Matched betting is the concept of using maths and a few basic calculations to turn that £50 into withdrawable cash without risking a penny of your own money.

The process of turning these free bets into real cash has been recommended by The Guardian, The Times and other reputable websites.

Isn’t It Just Gambling?

No. Gambling involves placing your money on the outcome of an event, in the hope that it will win and return profit. Matched betting does not involve hope – as we cover all possible outcomes of a sporting event to guarantee profit.

Here’s a small example. If England were playing Germany in the world cup, an average gambler might place money on Germany to win. If the match finishes a draw, or an England win, the average gambler would lose whatever money it was that they placed on the Germany win.

However with matched betting we would be covering the draw, England win and Germany win in order to guarantee profit regardless of the outcome.

Sound good? Keep reading.

What Are The Dangers? Are There Any Risks Involved?

The beauty of this whole concept is that it is risk free. There’s no sat waiting for a late match winning goal or screaming at the television. With matched betting we generally don’t care about the outcome of a sporting event, as regardless of the result we make a profit anyway.

Providing the bets are placed at good odds and all the right calculations have been made, there is no risk or dangers whatsoever. It might sound too good to be true to you, but trust me, this works and can make you a lot of money. Matched betting has been around for years – however people are too naive to believe it actually works. Those that did entertain the concept like myself are thousands of pounds richer and couldn’t be happier.

Is It Legal Or Too Good To Be True?

Aside from the people who think its too good to be true, there’s several people who seem to think this must be fraud or illegal somehow. These people are very wrong. Bookies have been running promotions, offers and rewards for years – both online and in the high street. Nowhere in the law does it state that using these offers t guarantee a profit is illegal. People in the United Kingdom and Ireland have been doing it for years now.

Just to clarify my point further, a spokesperson for William Hill – notably one of the largest bookmakers around – has said they have absolutely no problem with customers using matched betting in relation to their promotional offers.

Where Do You Learn How To Start Matched Betting?

Read our beginners guide to matched betting to get started or click the link below and join the matched betting training site [free trial] which teaches you for free how to get started.

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