Match Catcher Review


Match catcher is the new horse racing refunds software, developed by Profit Accumulator.

It was launched on March 1st, 2016, following a successful BETA test during the last week of February for Profit Accumulator platinum members.

What Exactly Is Match Catcher?

Match catcher makes the process of finding horse racing refunds much easier, quicker and more profitable. It allows users to find close matches on horse bets where the difference in odds between the bookmaker and the exchange are much closer.

It scans all the given venues/races for the current day where horse racing refunds are available. It gives you a direct link to the bookmaker – so you can click through and place your bet quickly before the odds change.

The odds update much quicker than the standard odds matching software.

Previously users had to check a forum thread, where other members posted close matches for horse racing refunds.

Match catcher replaces, simplifies and speeds up that entire process, as the odds update at lightening speed.

How Does Match Catcher Work?

Match catcher is cloud based – a web app. You don’t need to download or install anything – it works just like Profit Accumulator. Once you sign up, you can login from anywhere.

Match catcher will work on your desktop PC, laptop, tablet and phone – allowing you to get those profitable horse race bets placed wherever you are.

Save Time Looking

Match catcher has some powerful functions – such as its alert system. Users can setup alerts, so you’re reminded when a certain horse race has a close match available.

It means you don’t have to keep checking the software all day – you’re alerted once a close match is available!

Built In Calculator

Match Catcher comes with a built in calculator – which tells you exactly how much to lay at the exchange. This means you only need Match Catcher open – and not the PA calculator too. Awesome!

How Much Will It Cost Me?

Given the development costs that this has gone through, it’d be crazy if this was given away for free!

Match Catcher is a very reasonable £9.99 a month. Given that one horse racing refund can profit you anywhere up to £40, £9.99 a month is a bargain!

Sign Up For The Year And Get The Accumulator Software For Free

This is a massive offer, make sure you claim it.

Users who register for the annual membership at a price of £115 will get the accumulator refund software which is currently in development for FREE. That’s right.

The new accumulator software which is being made will make accumulator refunds much easier and more profitable. It will be such a money maker for PA members.